AFL's Products include:

Fiber Optic Cable - ADSS All-Dielectric Self Supporting Systems, OPGW, Loose Tube Cable, I/O Tight Buffer, Air Blown Fiber Cable and Systems, Armor Cable, Skywrap, Premise Cable-Break Out, Ribbon, Tight Buffer, Interlocking Armor. Fusion Splicing Systems – The industry leading Fujikura splicer line includes many models and accessories.

Fusion Splicing Systems – The industry leading Fujikura splicer line includes many models and accessories. Profile Alignment (core alignment), Passive Alignment (Cladding alignment), 12S, 19S 19R, 70s, 70r Fusion Splicers, Cleavers, Splicing Stations.

Fiber Apparatus - Rack Mount Panels, Wall Mount Panels, Fiber Management, Racks, Inter-Bay Distribution Panels, NID's, Splice Enclosures, Plug & Play Systems, Connector Panels. Optical Connectivity, Cable Assemblies, Fiber Arrays, Field Installable Connectors, Adaptors, Attenuators, Terminators, Fan out Kits, Couplers.

FTTX Solutions - E-PON Ethernet PON System offers attractive last mile strategy for the fiber to the subscriber.

Test & Inspection - AFL designs and manufactures reliable, hand held OTDRs, CWDM and DWDM test sets, a wide range of innovative fiber inspection and cleaning products as well as the NOYES brand of Optical Power Meters, Light Sources, Visual Fault Locators, Optical Fiber Identifiers, Fiber Optic Talk Sets and many other accessories.

JIT Cables, Inc, Just In Time Cables, assembly manufacturing that provides customized cable solutions for various applications. Specializing in various custom cable assemblies: coax, copper, DAS, fiber optics, RF, video. Our manufacturing is geared towards small- to medium-size production runs where quick turnaround is necessary in today's evolving technology market. In addition, we private label assemblies for various large end users. We are confident you will be impressed with our quality and commitment to provide the cable solution that meets your needs.

DAMAC Premium Datercenter Products:

Server Racks

Server racks form the backbone of the data center infrastructure. These general-purpose racks are used to house servers and other equipment with minimal cabling. DAMAC's server racks include innovative features that facilitate airflow and equipment access, enhance data center flexibility, and meet stringent structural requirements.

Network Racks

Network racks have a wider footprint than server racks to accommodate the cabling requirements of routers, switches and other network gear. They also facilitate the side-to-side airflow of some equipment within a hot aisle/cold aisle configuration. DAMAC's network racks feature advanced cable and thermal management for today's high-density data center environments.

Equipment Racks

Equipment racks are used in wiring closets and open environments where there is no need for aisle containment. The open frame and smaller footprint allow maximum density for patch panels and other equipment. DAMAC offers an array of equipment racks to help organize and optimize equipment and telecommunications rooms.

Wall Mount

Wall-mount enclosures are ideal for high-traffic areas and environments where space is at a premium. These multipurpose racks are used to house network gear in remote sites or for specialty applications such as telephone and audio/visual equipment. DAMAC's wall-mount racks combine flexibility and ease-of-use with strength, security, noise reduction and safety features.

Aisle Containment

Aisle containment increases cooling and airflow efficiencies by isolating chilled intake air from hot exhaust air, reducing the operational costs associated with cooling and allowing for greater equipment densities. The unique design of DAMAC's aisle containment system allows it to be quickly attached to any DAMAC rack or used with any 24"-wide third-party rack.


Accessories enable any rack to be customized to meet specific requirements for cable management, PDU mounting and more. Because every data center is different, DAMAC offers a wide array of accessories across its entire rack product line.

Dura-line, Micro Technology is a forward-thinking, future-oriented technology that you can put in place today. As network infrastructure demands continue to grow, it becomes more important to better utilize the available space in your existing duct systems. MicroDucts and FuturePath allow for controlled growth of your network infrastructure, meeting bandwidth requirements as needed. With the multiple pathways in FuturePath, as your network grows, you will have available pathways without additional construction costs. Our FuturePath product line is available produced in HDPE, Riser, Plenum and LSHF materials. Headquartered in Knoxville, Tennessee our eight manufacturing US centers are strategically located close to our customers and are ISO 9001 registered.
Dynacom Corporation, has supplied the telecom/datacom industry with voice, data, video and related hardware since 1984. Our Network Cabling Division's wide range of end-to-end connectivity solutions includes both commercial and residential networking product lines such as UTP/STP cable, fiber optics, coaxial cable, connectors, home media centers, and wire management hardware. Dynacom's commitment to quality and service enhances our customers performance, value, and satisfaction.

Winsted, is a worldwide leader in control room console solutions. We create attractive, ergonomic consoles that work with your operators to improve comfort and optimize efficiency. We offer stock, customized and custom consoles suitable for any control room application. Whether you are building a state-of-the-art control room from the ground up, or simply need to upgrade your operations, Winsted can provide the ideal solution. Our experts combine the disciplines of industrial design, ergonomics and interior design to create solutions that are both efficient and eye-catching. We give special consideration to the ergonomic requirements of your operators to build consoles that reduce fatigue, improve productivity and inspire. Our commitment to customer service is second-to-none and your satisfaction is guaranteed.